Dean M. Chriss

Visual Interpretation in Artistic Photography
February 11, 2016

Immature Bald Eagle, On the Hunt
Immature Bald Eagle, On the Hunt
History shows the qualities that draw us to great photographs are timeless. Good photographs produced long ago with equipment that is crude by today's standards are as wonderful, desirable, and appreciated now as they ever were. In fact, some of today's artistic photographers revive old photographic processes for use in their work. There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of modern technical excellence, but switching from old or mediocre camera equipment to the best and most modern equipment on earth will not in itself make your photographs more appealing. Conversely, learning how to use camera settings, composition, color, and post-processing techniques in ways that convey your vision to others will get you a long way toward creating more appealing and more distinctive photographs.

The next time you practice the art of photography try putting more of yourself into the results. Think about why you are taking the photo and how you can visually show those reasons to others through the photograph. Think about your vision for the finished photograph before taking the picture and follow through accordingly. This is harder than it sounds, but you may find it makes your photography more satisfying.

Happy interpreting!