Dean M. Chriss
Zig Zag Falls, Victoria, Australia

Zig Zag Falls, Victoria, Australia

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Zig Zag Falls cascades 59 meters (194 feet) into an extremely steep, narrow, and sheltered gorge. It was was impossible to photograph the entire waterfall in a single unobstructed view without probable death resulting. This image shows approximately the top two thirds of the waterfall. Below and to the left of this image the sides of the gorge become nearly vertical and closer together. The waterfall is as impressive to see in person as it is difficult to photograph.

Because the waterfall faces an open western sky, this photograph was captured immediately after the sun went behind a high hill, but before it actually set. This placed the waterfall in the hill's shadow, avoiding bright spotty light on the brilliant white water. The only other way to capture this scene nicely would be on an extremely cloudy day or just after sunrise. I had neither of those options.