Dean M. Chriss
Sea Cave, Southern Ocean, Victoria, Australia

Sea Cave, Southern Ocean, Victoria, Australia

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This photograph shows a large sea cave in the colorful limesstone cliffs along southern Victoria's coastline. Late day sunlight combined with the colors in and on the limestone make the area around the cave entrance a feast for the eyes.

There are two sink holes on the land above the cave that align with the cave opening. One is 69 meters (210 feet) further inland and the other is 130 meters (429 feet) further inland. Sink holes like these occur where sea cave roofs have begun to collapse, leading to the formation arches and eventually freestanding seastacks like others that already exist along Victoria's Southern Ocean coast. 

This scene was photographed from a distance of about 306 meters (1004 feet)  from the only vantage point possible without being in the water. The secrets of the cave are intriguing but the rough water, rogue waves, and collapsing cave roof make any attempt to go inside a bad idea.