Dean M. Chriss
Monuments Aligned, Northern Arizona

Monuments Aligned, Arizona

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In this unusual image Agathla Peak stands illuminated in the distance, partly blocked by the shadowy Porras Dikes, while Church Rock stands illuminated in the foreground. Agathla Peak, also known as El Capitan, is about 6.5 miles from the camera position. It is a sheer volcanic plug that rises 1500 feet above its base. Porras Dikes, about 1.5 miles away from the camera position, sits atop Comb Ridge. These volcanic dikes are 300 feet high and are named after Francisco de Porras, who was a missionary to the Hopis between 1629 and 1633. Church Rock is formed by another series of volcanic dikes which are also 300 feet high. These three amazing monuments, and many more, are situated on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona.