Dean M. Chriss

North America, Rock Art and Ruins

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River Devil, Columbia River Gorge, Washington Three Windows, southern Utah Holy Ghost and Attendants, Great Gallery, Utah Hunters and Holy Men, Great Gallery, Utah
Moon House Ruin, Utah Mummy Cave Ruins, Canyon de Chelly National Park Kiva and Ladder, Utah Duck Man, San Juan County, Utah
Sego Canyon Shamans A House on Fire, Southern Utah Predators and Prey, Pictograph, Southern Utah Fallen Roof Ruin, Southern Utah
Lizard Petroglyph, Northern Utah Spirits Divided, Great Gallery Sleigh Scene Petroglyph Santa Claus Petroglyph
Boulder House, Holly Ruins, Hovenweep National Monument Monarch's Cave Handprints, San Juan County, Utah Stone Teepees, Bandelier National Monument Jugglers of Worlds
Fat Man with a Flat Top