Dean M. Chriss
Grand Canyon and Colorado River No. 1

Grand Canyon and Colorado River, Twilight

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Soft post-sunset illumination floods the Grand Canyon revealing forms, textures, and colors in ways that are not otherwise seen. This view includes a half mile stretch of the Colorado River that contains Boucher and Granite Rapids. The side canyon in the lower right foreground holds Monument Creek.

The time after sunset is one of my favorite times to do photography, though in winter it is not always the most comfortable. This photograph was captured at temperatures around freezing between gusts of wind, dust, and grit strong enough to knock down an unprepared person and send a tripod mounted camera into the next county. These gusts lasted more than five minutes at a time, but were fortunately separated by short periods of almost complete calm during which photography was possible. Strong winds are common at the rim of any large canyon when the air rapidly cools at sunset, but the views make enduring them well worth while.