Dean M. Chriss
Fog in the Forest, Victoria, Australia

Mountain Ash Trees in Fog, Victoria, Australia

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Following a three day heat wave with temperatures over 38°C (100° F) and unusually high humidity, cooler weather with highs around 25°C (77°F) moved in. This seemed like a good time explore parts of a nearby mountainous area that we had not seen before. It was a wonderful day that did not feel quite as cool as I expected. While the temperature went down as forecast the humidity remained.

There was a lot to explore in a single day. Our primary goal was seeing what's out there, not photography. I did bring my camera equipment along but used it just twice before we began the final leg of our day trip. It twisted and turned its way up a steep mountain side on a single lane dirt road that took us through tall mountain ash forests that alternated with ancient myrtle beech forests. It was truly spectacular.

At one point I stopped and looked at a part of the forest I thought was particularly interesting, wanting to find a photographic composition.These places are always beautiful but they are so complex and full of distractions that it's often very difficult to create a photograph that makes sense of them.

After finding a composition that I thought was alright I set up my camera and captured a couple of photos. The air quickly turned chilly and fog began enveloping the mountainside and drifting through the forest. As more and less dense patches of the fog came through it exposed some areas of the scene while hiding others, occasionally hiding everything. I worked with what was happening for to create the image above.