Dean M. Chriss
Enchanted Falls, Victoria, Australia

Enchanted Falls, Victoria, Australia

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This photograph was captured one morning after a period of little rain. Later on the same day it clouded over and rained heavily all through the night. I returned the next morning to find much more water flowing over the falls, but it was actually too much, and the light on the falls was very flat due to the 100% cloud cover.

Truth be told, more water is not always better when it comes to the photogenic qualities of a waterfall. With too much all of the delicate rivulets are obliterated by a torrent of water that can often be muddied by the fresh runoff. Too little and many of those delicate rivulets vanish and the width of the waterfall usually decreases. There is an optimal photogenic flow for each individual waterfall; a happy medium.

If I visit this place frequently over the span of a few years, which is unlikely, I might be lucky enough to find that happy medium water flow coinciding with some beautiful morning light. In the meantime this image will have to do.