Dean M. Chriss
Corona Arch, October 2008, Landscape Photograph by Dean M. Chriss

Corona Arch, October 2008, Utah

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With an opening measuring 140 feet wide and 105 feet high, Corona Arch is an amazing spectacle of nature. The massive arch dwarfs the viewer and no photograph can adequately convey the experience.

This photograph was captured in 2008, before thrill seekers began climbing on, attaching ropes to, swinging from, and damaging this unique natural feature to get their kicks. Because so many are unable to appreciate a place like this without inflicting themselves upon it and everyone in the vicinity, those activities were made illegal in July of 2017. Corona Arch now enjoys the same protections as the features in Arches National Park. Because of this visitors can see and experience this amazing place without a troop of rock monkeys standing on top of and swinging from the arch. Capturing a photograph without numerous people under the arch is still nearly impossible unless you can travel back in time, or go in the dead of winter when a storm limits travel outside the immediate area.

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