Dean M. Chriss
Borneo Forest Dragon, Borneo, Malaysia

Borneo Forest Dragon, Borneo, Malaysia

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Borneo Forest Dragons are also known as Borneo Anglehead Lizards. Their scientific name is Gonocephalus bornensis. They are members of the Agamidae family of over 300 iguanian lizards indigenous to Africa, Asia, Australia, and a few in Southern Europe. Many of these species are commonly called dragons or dragon lizards. The Borneo Forest Dragon is endemic to the island of Borneo.

I found this lizard completely by accident as I was trying desperately to photograph a passing mother orangutan and her baby. I noticed the lizard on a tree directly in front of me at a little lower than eye level. Having never seen a lizard like this I wanted a photo, but did not want to miss a rare chance to photograph the orangutans. The lizard did not stay around very long and neither did the orangutans, but I got a few "grab shots" of each.