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About Us

Dean and Lee in Yellowstone, © Susanna RolandThis website is a consequence of a lifetime of passion and enthusiasm for the natural world, over four decades of experience photographing that world, and a desire to share experiences in that world through the medium of photography. We offer the landscape, nature, and wildlife photographs on this website primarily to celebrate nature and inspire its preservation and conservation. We also offer these photographs as fine art prints of exceptional quality and make them available for publication and other uses. The business is owned and operated by Dean along with his wife, business manager, and aspiring photographer, Lee Chuah..

Dean's Biography

Photo of Dean M. Chriss Dean’s fundamental connection with nature began in early childhood in the woodlands around his family's rural Ohio farm. His interest in photography began at age eleven with a Kodak Instamatic 100 camera given to his mother as a promotional item for buying some paper towels. Dean's connection with nature and his interest in photography merged into a lifelong passion when he first traveled to the deserts of the Southwestern United States in the late 1970s. In the 1990s Dean's photographic interests grew to include wildlife inhabiting the places he had come to know and love. He has photographed most extensively in the United States but has also photographed some very rare and endangered wildlife in Peninsular Malaysia and the island of Borneo. In addition Dean has done landscape and wildlife photography in Australia and hopes to expand his efforts there in the future.

Dean made his first photographic prints in high school during the days of film and darkrooms. It was not until 1997 that he began printing all of his own work digitally. This allows him to maintain a consistent visual interpretation from the first eyewitness view in the field all the way through to the finished print. Dean has also made prints for other photographers, reproduced works for painters and other visual artists, and digitally restored and printed historically significant photographs for corporate and private collections. Some of the most advanced tools, materials, and processes that exist along with over twenty years of printmaking experience are used to create these archival fine art prints.

Dean's work was first published in the United States in 1986. His images have since been published in more than twenty-five countries distributed across Europe, North America, and South Asia.

Photographer's Statement

Photography was initially my way of seeing and celebrating nature. It eventually brought me to realize that the world is dying right before my eyes. Now my celebrations of nature are bittersweet. Wildlife and unspoiled landscapes are disappearing at a truly astonishing pace, and I am driven to see and photograph as much as possible before they are gone. Nature photography, especially the field work, brings rewards that are intangible. My relationship with the natural world is among my greatest treasures. Photography allows me to share my view of that world and has in turn helped me to see my subjects in a much more intimate way. Concern and respect for my subjects is the driving force behind my photography. I believe that a personal connection with one’s subjects and knowledge of them are prerequisites for the creation of compelling images.

The photographs on this website are my attempt to show the essence of my subjects, all of which are diminishing. They are statements saying "This exists in our world." They are questions of conscience, asking how we can knowingly wipe these things from the face of the planet and continue to live with ourselves. They are also a hope that people might realize that destroying nature also destroys humanity's future. To these ends I try to present the unblemished face of nature without signs of modern human presence. I always hope that my photographs convey to others the wonder, awe, and joy that existed when the images were captured.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is extremely important to us on a business and personal level. From long hours spent in the field, to sourcing the best papers and supplies, to perfecting the color balance of a print, we put a great deal of time, effort, and ourselves, into each image we offer. We want and need each of our clients to be satisfied with their purchases, now and into the future. This is the only way our endeavor can be successful and worthwhile. To that end, we will do all we can to assure your satisfaction.
Sample Clients, Credits, and Venues
Allegheny College, PennsylvaniaDean photographing a reddish egret
Art by the Falls, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Artisans' Corner Gallery, Newbury Ohio
Asian Photography Magazine
Audubon Society
Beautyway Publications
Brecksville Center for the Arts, Brecksville, Ohio
Cain Park Arts Festival, Cleveland Hts., Ohio
Cleveland Metroparks System, Ohio
College Club of Cleveland
Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society
Cuyahoga Valley Trails Association
Death Valley Natural History Association
Digital Photographer Magazine
East Shore Invitational Art Show, Kirtland, Ohio
Glacier National Park, Montana
Heights Arts, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Holden Arboretum, Kirtland, Ohio
Lakewood Arts Festival
Lake County Metroparks System, Ohio
Lakewood Photographic Society, Ohio
Lorain County Metroparks System, Ohio
Mildred Wardlaw Nature Trails, British Columbia, Canada
Pilgrimage Magazine
Science Illustrated Magazine, Denmark
Shambhala Publications
Sierra Club
South Wing Gallery, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Summit County Metroparks, Ohio
The Art Gallery, Willoughby, Ohio
The Choral Project, San Jose, California
The West Woods Nature Arts Festival, Novelty, Ohio
United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
University Hospitals
Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Waterloo 7 Gallery, Willoughby Hills, Ohio
Willoughby ArtsFest, Willoughby, Ohio
Willoughby Hills Community Gallery, Ohio
Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington

Dean M. Chriss is a member of Nature First, The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography