Dean M. Chriss
Prowling, Malayan Tiger, Malaysia

Prowling, Malayan Tiger, Malaysia

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Malayan tigers are a bit smaller and darker than Bengal tigers and they have shorter and narrower stripes. Males average 9 feet from head to tail and weigh about 400 pounds. Females measure about 8 feet in length and weigh approximately 250 pounds. Like all tigers, they are endangered. They have been relentlessly hunted for their body parts, which are believed to have either medicinal value or supernatural power to ward off evil.

There are less than 500 Malayan tigers in the nature reserves and national parks of Malaysia. One hundred years ago there was a total of over 100,000 wild tigers in the world. Today 3 subspecies have become extinct and there are only 6 tiger subspecies left with fewer than 7,000 wild tigers in the world.