Our E-mail Policy and SPAM  

dmcPhoto.com has never sent unsolicited email and we never will. But, it is a common practice for spammers and hackers to make their email appear to have come from legitimate sources like dmcPhoto.com. In fact, we sometimes receive junk email that looks like it came from our own email accounts. If you have received junk email with a dmcPhoto.com return address, you can be assured that we did not send it. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent others from putting our return address on their unwanted email. Additionally, all of our outgoing email is automatically scanned with the latest virus prevention software to assure that neither the email nor any attachments contain viruses.


SPAM is a large part of what is wrong with the Internet. It currently accounts for more than half of all internet traffic, so the scale of the problem is tremendous. Like junk mail that is sent through the post office and unwanted sales calls made by telephone and fax, it is simply a fact of modern life. We will continue to do our best to deal with it. 



SPAM = Sales Promotional and Advertising Mail

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