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Use of Our Images - Internet

Any use of our images on personal websites and image sharing websites like is expressly forbidden.

No use of our images is authorized without written permission.

We would be pleased to provide a quote for time-limited rights to use our images on your commercial web site. We need the following information for a quote:

1. Tell us what image you would like to use. Please specify our image title and URL.

2. The size at which the image will be displayed on your website. Since images can have different aspect ratios (height to width ratio) you need only specify the longest dimension in pixels.

3. Duration of Use - Number of months the image will appear on your web site.

4. Date on which use of the image(s) will begin.

5. Special Considerations - Example: Background image or watermark.

6. Web site URL where the image will appear.

7. Your email address.

8. Your name, mailing address, and telephone number.

When we receive this information we will send a contract by email which includes the price and terms of use for our images. If the price and terms are agreeable, please return the signed contract to us along with payment. We will deliver the requested images to you by email or upload them as you request. The delivered images will be optimized for Internet use at the sizes specified. Special arrangements are sometimes made for educational use. Please inquire.

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