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Use of Our Images - Printed Materials

We would be pleased to offer a quote for rights to reproduce our images in your publication, signage, or other printed material. Typically, one time North American non-exclusive reproduction rights are quoted. Other rights such as rights for use in other regions, exclusive use, time based use, and the purchase of all rights to an image can be negotiated. Use fees are determined on an individual basis, and are dependent upon a number of factors.

We need the following information to provide an accurate quote:

1. Tell us what image you would like to use. Please specify our image title and URL.

2. Type of project (Example: Magazine, Text Book, Annual Report, Sign)

3. Size at which you will print the image. For publications this could be the fractional page size like "full page" or "quarter page". For other uses please provide the printed dimensions in inches.

4. Location of the printed image. For publications this could be "cover" or "inside back cover". For signage please provide the location of the sign(s).

5. Approximate number of copies to be printed.

6. Circulation (Example: Local, Regional, National, International)

7. Your contact information including name, address, telephone, and email.

8. Images are supplied in electronic form unless otherwise requested. To accomplish this we need to know:
    File Type (JPEG, TIFF, Other)
    Image size and resolution (Example: 4x5 inches at 300 dpi)
    Color Space (Example: Adobe 1998, sRGB)
    Delivery Media: (Example: Upload to FTP address, Email attachment, etc.)

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and questions.

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