Dean M. Chriss

Donald Trump, Divider in Chief
Last Update Ever, I Hope: November 9, 2020

Donald Trump, Dope

Truth matters.

Words matter.

Integrity, and doing what's right and just, matters.

Using deceit, hate, and divisiveness as campaign strategies and principals of governance, Donald Trump has literally torn America apart. He abandoned science and made America the world's biggest failure at controlling COVID-19. He consistently claimed that it was nothing to worry about while 238,000 Americans died, and about 30,000 more continue to die each month. He saw the dead and disabled as an inconvenience to be pushed aside. He waged an all out war against our environment for the sake of unbridled greed and out of spite for his predecessor. He encouraged racism, extremism, and violence in his speeches, which never failed to spew hatred and fan the flames of discord. When faced with choices he chose the most selfish and inhumane. He never admits a mistake, lies habitually, is manipulative and devoid of conscience and remorse. He ran the most opaque and chaotic administration in American history and disrespected the office he held. He is an aggressive, sociopathic and delusional man driven by hate, greed, and self-aggrandizement. The single word that best describes him is "evil".

Instead of offering hope for a better tomorrow to everyone, he offers vengeance for perceived wrongs to some and hopelessness to everyone else. Thanks in part to the laundering of his misinformation and wacky conspiracy theories through extremist right wing "news" organizations, those perceived wrongs include things like affordable health insurance, a healthy environment, preservation of public lands, and any possibility of true racial equality.

After just four years America's reputation, integrity, and prestige are in shambles all around the globe and our social fabric is in tatters. Repairing those things, if it is even possible, will take a long time. Trump's vindictiveness will surely compel him to inflict as much damage on America as possible, both before and after leaving office. His post-election vandalization of America's government will make the enormous task of repairing the country even more difficult. For him, everything is about himself, maintaining his power, and his alpha male bully persona, even if it means destroying American democracy. Indeed, I think America came as close as it has ever been to takeover from within by the authoritarian Trump regime.

I sincerely hope America can get past the current "post-truth" era and again become a country where truth and common decency are important, and where people can work together toward common goals that benefit everyone. Only time will tell if that is possible.


P.S.: This is what happens when you vote for someone who brags about grabbing women's genitals.

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