Dean M. Chriss

Factory Butte, Utah
A Tale of Irresponsible Land Management
November 1, 2005 - Updated January 7, 2018

Below is a still unspoiled view of Factory Butte. It was taken from 13 miles away and hides the destruction that becomes apparent when one gets closer.

 These images are from areas where OHV riders are not permitted. They were taken in 2005, and show that voluntary restrictions do not work with OHV riders.

If you object to what the BLM is doing to your public lands, please call or email the BLM’s Richfield Field Office Manager, Joelle McCarthy today at 435-896-1501 and For more information please see these articles about the decision to open Factory Butte to destructive use and how the decision was made. Then take a look at photos and videos from Swingarm City, the OHV "playground" on public land immediately adjacent to Factory Butte. This is exactly what OHV knuckleheads are doing to the public land around Factory Butte as you read this.