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Size-based Security from Symantec - An Adbomination

Many images on this and other web sites will never appear on your monitor if you use the Ad Blocking feature contained in various Norton software products. This is because the Norton software can block images based only on their size, not their content or purpose. Symantec, the maker of Norton software products, reasons that if a picture is the size of an advertisement, then it must be an advertisement. Since legitimate images come in all sizes, what you see in your browser while using Norton's ad blocking software is unpredictable, and certainly not what web page authors intended. Because this Norton “feature” is enabled by default and does not tell you when blocks what it believes to be an ad, you never know that you are missing legitimate non-advertising content. Making assumptions about the purpose of an image based on its size is clearly ridiculous, especially for a company that takes itself so seriously as a leader in the security field. If Symantec uses this kind of flawed logic to determine what you are able to view on your computer, can you trust them to keep your computer virus free? Perhaps McAffee offers a better choice.
If you want to walk on the wild side and view all of the images on this web site, you will need to turn off Ad Blocking in your Norton software.

There is a photo to the left of this text. It is not an ad.
It contains no hyperlinks. It is simply a small photograph.
If you cannot see it, you need to follow the instructions below.

To Turn Off Norton Ad Blocking:

1. Use the "Web assistant" drop down menu that Norton installed on your browser's toolbar or follow the directions on the Norton web site.

2.  After turning off Norton's ad blocking feature you need to fully refresh your browser. If you do not do so, the missing images will not return.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the refresh button.
Navigator: Hold down the Shift key while clicking the refresh button. 

Please contact Symantec, the makers of Norton software products, to express your feelings about the way Norton's ad blocking feature works.
Happy browsing!

Word for the day - adbomination (noun)
Pronunciation - âd`bâmu'neyshun
Definition - Any hateful, wicked, or shamefully vile and botched piece of ad blocking software that is enabled by default and cannot discriminate between advertisements and normal web page content.
Usage - Norton’s ad blocking software is an adbomination.

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